Erin Horkan
Lab Technician/Researcher


University of Washington (2013-2017)
B.S. Oceanography
B.A. Spanish


Marine Science Educator, Narragansett Bay National Estuarine Research Reservce (2019-present)

  • Led marine science education programs for 5-­17 year olds on a remote island reserve
  • Collected and identified fish for display aquariums

Shellfish Hatchery Technician,  Washington Conservation Corps, Puget Sound Restoration Fund (Fall 2017-2018)

  • Monitored development, growth and survival of larval, juvenile and adult Olympia Oysters in a hatchery setting
  • Assisted with husbandry efforts for Pinto Abalone and Olympia Oysters
  • Helped monitor and maintain over 40 tanks of juvenile sea cucumber and Pinto Abalone
  • Researched and designed a feeding trial experiment to develop feeds for sea cucumbers
  • Cultured microalgae to feed shellfish

Stream Sampling Technician, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks (Summer 2017)

  • Worked with a field team of 5 to sample over 150 streams in King County, Washington
  • Collected benthic macroinvertebrates using a Surber Net
  • Measured stream flow, sediment composition, riparian cover, and identified invasive plants

Pelagic Ecosystems Research Apprentice, University of Washington, Friday Harbor Laboratories (Fall 2016)

  • Counted and identified marine birds and mammals from a 58’ boat
  • Deployed a Van Veen Grab from a 12’ boat to sample sediment and collect benthic fish
  • Designed and conducted a manipulative variable experiment studying the effect of increased temperature on fish behavior and condition
  • Wrote a formal scientific paper and gave a formal presentation of findings

Oregon Sea Grant Summer Scholar, Environmental Protection Agency, Hatfield Marine Science Center (Summer 2016)

  • Reviewed scientific literature studying the impact of ocean acidification on crustaceans to develop pH tolerance thresholds for different species of crabs
  • Created a scientific poster and gave a formal presentation of findings

Additional Skills and Certifications

  • Certifications: Wilderness First Responder (2018), PADI Open Water Diver (2018), Washington  State Boater Safety Card (2011), First Aid and CPR (2017)
  • Lab/Research: CTD deployment, Microalgae culture, Van Veen grab deployment, Plankton net  deployment, Beach seine sampling, Surber Net sampling, Microscopy 
  • Software: Microsoft Excel, R Studio, Image
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