Genetics of Shellfish on a Human-Dominated Planet

Hedgecock, D. 2011. Genetics of Shellfish on a Human-Dominated Planet. Chapter 12, in: Shellfish Aquaculture and the Environment. Shumway, S. E. (editor). Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 339-357.

This book provides resource managers and policymakers with background on issues pertaining to shellfish aquaculture. Chapter 2, co-authored by Pacific Hybreed founder Davis, provides a perspective on the role that the shellfish industry has in maintaining the environmental integrity of coastal environments suitable for shellfish aquaculture and associated commercial shellfisheries and in shaping public policy with regard to sustained multiple use of near-shore marine environments. Chapter 2, by Pacific Hybreed founder Hedgecock, discusses three broad areas of genetic impact, translocations or introductions of shellfish, interbreeding between farmed and wild stocks, and domestication and genetic improvement of shellfish in aquaculture.
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